Not sure how to get the conversation going? Check out the tips below so that your doctor can get you the relief you need!

1. Know your symptoms

Highlight or check off the symptoms you've experienced below. Print the checklist and bring it to your next appointment.

  • Burning (while urinating or not)
  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • Vaginal irritation
  • Painful intercourse
  • Light bleeding after sex
  • A clear or watery discharge
  • Urgency with urination
  • Urinary incontinence (leaking)
  • Frequent urinary tract infections

2. Focus on the effects

In the days or weeks leading up to your appointment, pay attention to your symptoms and how they are affecting you. You may want to make notes to bring to the clinic. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What symptoms have I felt?
  • How often do I feel them?
  • When do I feel them? (For example: all the time, when I urinate, during or after sex?)
  • How bad are they? (Can I tolerate them most days? Are they bearable but still interrupting some activities, like my sex life? Are they bothering me all the time?)

3. Be direct. Start talking VA!

It may feel awkward to talk about vaginal discomfort out loud. But keep in mind that "vagina" is a term your doctor or healthcare professional is used to hearing. More importantly, it's a part of the body he or she is used to examining and treating.

4. Take the time to learn more

Write down your questions about VA or specific symptoms or treatments before you go to your appointment so you don't forget to ask your doctor or nurse practitioner.

5. Be clear about what you want to get from the appointment

Tell your doctor or nurse practitioner that your symptoms are distressing, and ask about mess-free treatment options that can help you.

Print off these tips and bring them to your next doctor appointment.

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Even though visits with doctors sometimes feel quick, it's important to talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about VA, especially since it will not go away on its own.


of women experience vaginal dryness